By: Prashant on 2015-12-10

Why Honda don’t launch 150cc liquid cooled fuel injection bike like “Street-Fire” in India which it has launched in Thailand?

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We can’t say exactly why Honda is not launching 150cc liquid cooled bikes in India, it might be Honda’s marketing strategy as most of the people in India prefers air cooled engine bike which works on lower rpm hence deliver better mileage while liquid cooled engines works on higher rpm hence they deliver comparatively low mileage and liquid cooling system also requires more maintenance expenses also may have coolant reservoir damage and coolant leakage issues. Air cooled engine bikes are cheaper than liquid cooled engine bikes so many people in India can afford to buy it, all these may be the reason of Honda not taking interest in launching 150cc liquid bike in India.

Ushman   2015-12-31 15:04:08

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