By: Kashish on 2015-12-31

Will Hornet replace Gixxer?

1 Answers

Honda Hornet 160R is definitely a good bike but Suzuki Gixxer too is a good bike, both bikes have some better features than each other. Hornet is more powerful and better torque while as per users experience Gixxer is good in handling than Hornet and Gixxer’s sound is also more appealing, some features of Gixxer like gear shift indicator and engine kill switch is lacking in Hornet but Hornet has an advantage of optional disc brake on rear wheels along with combi brake system.

So choice is completely individual, people have different needs and preferences, it doesn’t seem that Hornet will replace Gixxer as both the bikes have good looks, refined engine, nice performance and good riding dynamics.

Bushan   2016-01-11 18:00:50

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