By: Vishal on 2016-02-29

What is the difference between ex-showroom price and on-road price?

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Ex-showroom price is the cost that the dealer charges for procuring the vehicle from the manufacturer and the tax that it pays to the state government on procurement. The state government charges excise duty on vehicles. It is also known as the supply price of a vehicle.

In some states and cities, ex-showroom price may also include octroi tax. This is the tax collected by the local authority for bringing articles from outside the region for consumption in that region.


On Road Price is the final Price payable by the customer to the vehicle dealer and is also known as invoice value of the vehicle, it includes state registration charges, road tax, insurance charges and may also include optional charges such as for extra accessories, additional warranty coverage etc.

Therefore the EX-SHOWROOM price of Honda Hornet 160R (Standard) in New Delhi as on 15.02.2016 is Rs. 79,900 while ON-ROAD price is Rs. 88,248

Vastu   2016-03-11 14:06:59

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