By: Yashant on 2016-04-27

Which bike is better between Unicorn 150 and Hornet 160R?

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Both are good bikes, no single bike can be declared as “better” as choice is completely subjective phenomenon, you can choose any as per your need & preference, as per user reviews Unicorn 150 would be a better choice if you need to travel 50-60 kms on daily basis as it provide more comfortable sitting stance than Hornet 160R. Unicorn 150 delivers better mileage than Hornet 160R and on buying it you will save around Rs. 12,000-13,000 over Hornet 160R (Std.), women pillions are more comfortable on Unicorn 150 as the rear seat of Hornet is little elevated.

So, if you prefer affordability, mileage, more comfort then Unicorn 150 should be your choice, and if you are looking for power, acceleration and handling then go for Hornet 160R, but you won't be feel disappointed if you buy any of two. We advise you to take a test drive to ensure which one suit you better.

Gurpal   2016-04-28 18:02:54

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