By: Anonymous on 2016-05-29

Why does Hornet 160R engine heat up fast and chain makes sound?

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"We haven’t received this type of user reviews in considerable amount based on which we can say for sure that Hornet 160R does have these types of issues. All the bikes manufacturing companies advise certain guidelines which if not followed properly by the users these type of issues can occur with any bike, some guidelines are: • Engine coolant level should be at proper level. • Engine drive belts should not be broken or slipping. • There should not be any vacuum leak. • Engine’s thermostat should not be stuck closed. • User needs to adjust the tension of the chain and do its cleaning and lubricating on regular basis (more often if you put a lot of miles on your bike) else chain may get loose and make sound."
   2016-06-15 18:17:25

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