By: deepak sahu on 2016-06-02

Hornet 160R which was bought in May is delivering only 35-37 kmpl mileage in city, what may be the reason of this?
my friend bay hornet in may first week, and now this bike saw a very bad milage about 40km on highway and 35-37km on town..... what is the faUlt regoin of this bike. ...

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Your bike is new so presently it is in run-in period, most manufacturer advice first 1000 kms as run-in period, so hopefully after first service and oil change the mileage of your bike would improve, as per user reviews mileage of Hornet 160R in city riding conditions is around 45 kmpl and on highway it is around 55 kmpl, mileage varies from person to person based on the driving style and traffic conditions.
   2016-06-20 12:21:45

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