By: #SOURAV# on 2016-06-03

Which type of headlight used in Honda Hornet 160R, is it on AC or DC, can I replace bulb?
which type of headlamp Hornet got? AC or DC..? If It is AC type, Cat It converted to DC..? Can we replace the bulb for better light..?

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Honda Hornet is featured with 12V 35/35W halogen headlight which gets power from 12V 4Ah maintenance free battery. In Hornet 160R and also in most of the bikes lights, starter, ignition system, and any other system that requires electricity uses DC power, you can install a different bulb but that should not consume more than recommended voltage else battery will drain soon, may develop some fault and doing so can also void battery’s warranty.
   2016-06-20 12:32:07

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