By: Abrar Alam on 2016-06-08

What is difference between the variants of Hornet 160R and Hornet 160 CBS, and what is engine kill switch?
What is the difference between hornet 160R and CBS, And What is engine killer switch.

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"The difference is of braking system as Hornet 160R CBS is featured with combine braking system along with disc-brake on rear wheel while Hornet 160R Standard is featured with disc brake on front wheel and drum brake on rear wheel. In Combine Braking System (CBS) when the brake lever is applied the brakes will work simultaneously on the front and rear wheels through an equalizer. An engine kill switch is a device that is used to shut down the engine almost instantly, the purpose this switch is that we don’t have to take our hand off the steering before shutting the engine, so we can avoid losing balance while reaching the ignition key."
   2016-06-23 15:30:59

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