By: Anil on 2016-06-08

I daily drive Hornet 160R for 40 kms and I use to have back pain, is there any solution?
Dialy i ride hornet 40 kms. I get huge back pain and two of my friends took same bike and they have same issue. What is the solution for this?

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"Riding a motorcycle may be an awesome experience for some people; it can also be a cause of back, neck and shoulder pain to others, learning the causes of back pain will help you prevent it and will help keep your rides enjoyable. • Whether sitting on a chair or a bike, if you’re aware of your posture and make an effort to keep your spine straight, you may find your back more comfortable during a long ride. A lot depends on several factors like: your physique, age, life style, riding style etc. • If you need to over reach or bend forward to use the handlebars then this is not the right bike for you as these things will cause back pain and shoulder pain. • Exercise is often a good treatment for lower back pain, specifically active back exercises keep discs, muscles, ligaments and joints healthy by distributing nutrients into the disc space and soft tissues in the back. • While riding, take breaks and do some leg stretches during breaks."
   2016-06-23 15:33:47

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