By: Pankaj on 2016-07-03

I am using Honda CB Shine since 2009 it used to have cold starting problem, now I want to purchase Honda Hornet 160R; does it have same starting issue like CB Shine?
I am using cb-shine since 2009. Now I am planning to buy hornet 160R. Shine is no doubt one of the best bikes but with 1 problem. It is having very bad engine cold start problem. Every morning you have to apply choke with kick for 5-10 seconds in order to start. If bike is not used for 2 days then bike will not start for at least 5 minutes. But after it starts no problem at all. Now hornet doesn't have kick :( will it have same issue as shine is having? If yes I won't go for hornet :( Please help

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Honda Hornet 160R and CB Shine both have carburetor as fuel supply system, as per user reviews there is no cold starting problem with either bike and both can be started with ease using choke, if you used to have cold starting issue with your CB Shine there may be other reasons for it like: starting technique might be incorrect, battery voltage might be too low, problem with ignition switch, relays might not be contacting or operating properly, fuel level in the carburetor float bowl might be too high etc.

   2016-07-21 10:57:36

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