By: Tarun on 2015-09-11

what is the difference between HET and HIICS, is HIICS feature also available in Shine, Dream Yuga, Neo?

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HET (Honda Eco Technology) primarily aims at reducing the friction in the engine and features lightweight components, which enables an 11 % increase in fuel efficiency over the older variants. In order to lower friction, Honda engineers included an offset crank. Crankshaft is usually placed in the lower centre of the engine and offsetting its angle reduces the friction from the side walls of the cylinder. The considerable reduction in friction and the optimized ratios and mechanicals of the V-matic drive has resulted in a smoother transmission and an overall increase in fuel efficiency. Honda is introducing this feature in almost all its bikes and scooters.

HIICS technology (Honda Intelligent Ignition Control System) enables the engine to deliver power output as per load conditions, presently Honda has introduced this feature only in Livo, not available in Shine, Dream Yuga and Dream Neo.

Naresh   2015-10-26 13:09:49

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