By: Neeraj on 2015-09-11

What are the things should be carried-out while maintenance of Honda Livo?

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There are many things need to be carried out while maintenance of Honda Livo like:

• Engine oil replacement.
• Engine oil centrifugal filter clearance.
• Engine idle speed adjustment.
• Fuel line inspection for any leakage.
• Fuel strainer screen cleaning.
• Inspection of throttle free play & lubrication.
• Inspection of choke operation, spark plug.
• Valve clearance and adjustment.
• Cleaning and crank-casing breather.
• Inspection of brake fluid, top-up if required.
• Checking and adjusting brake free play.
• Inspection of brake shoes/pads wear, replacing it if required.
• Inspection of clutch cable operation, adjusting free play if required.
• Checking battery voltage.
• Checking free rotation of wheels and correct tyre pressure.

For detailed maintenance & service schedule we advise you to refer to your Livo’s user manual.

Rishi   2015-11-02 15:33:02

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