By: Ayog on 2015-08-15

What is the meaning of “main” and “reserve” options for fuel supply in Livo?

1 Answers

The fuel tank capacity of Honda Livo is 8.5 liters and out of it 1.5 liters is for reserve storage, so the main fuel storage is (8.5 – 1.5) 7 liters. Normally you should ride with fuel supply knob set to main so when the main fuel supply (7 liters) exhausts bike will stop running and you can know than now only reserve fuel storage (1.5 liters) is left and you can turn the fuel supply knob to utilize the reserved fuel supply (1.5 liters) and can refill the tank. Off option is for stopping the fuel supply.

Santosh   2015-11-24 13:20:52

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