By: Wasim on 2016-02-09

What is the correct speed of changing gears of Honda Livo?

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There is no fix speed rule which can be mentioned for changing gears as conditions differs like load on the bike, driving track (rough, smooth, wet, dry, incline, decline) etc. so one himself needs to study how bike’s engine works in different conditions and should shift gears accordingly, following are some tips for gear shifting:

• Always start the bike in first gear, first gear is used for moving off, maneuvering and for creeping slowly in traffic and at junctions.

• Second Gear is used for moving off down very steep hills, building up speed after moving away and driving at low speeds.

• Third Gear is used to build up speed and when you need more power for climbing hills. It also increases your control when going down steep hills and dealing with some bends.

• Fourth Gear is used for driving at higher speed, where there are no hazards to confront, it gives better fuel economy, and this is normally used on open roads when travelling constantly at higher speed.

Taazu   2016-02-25 11:47:35

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