By: Bijon Kumar Gain on 2016-06-09

I need to daily commute upto 80 kms to office and home, is Honda Livo suitable for my need?
I have to commute 40 km up and down daily for my office. Is Livo fit enough for this daily 80 km commute. Is there any heating problem?

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Yes, Honda Livo would be suitable for your need as it is a standard type light weight bike which is known for its upright riding stance, foot-pegs are below the rider and handlebars are high enough to not force the rider to reach far forward and shoulders are placed above the hips in a natural position, so all of these things provides relaxed sitting posture which is a must for daily commuting 80 kms and moreover it is fuel efficient too, as per user experiences mileage of this bike is 60 kmpl in the city riding conditions and 70 kmpl on highway. We advise you to take a test drive to ensure your driving comfort as it may vary person to person.
   2016-06-23 15:42:32

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