By: kumar on 2016-07-05

Why 102cc Bajaj Platina’s top speed is 110 kmph while 110cc Honda Livo’s top speed is just 90 kmph?
why honda livo(110cc) top speed only max 90kmph other hand platina (102cc)goes upto 110kmph ??

1 Answers

The claimed top speed of Bajaj Platina is not 110 kmph, it is 90 kmph and as per Bajaj has been internally tested, although Bajaj Platina has 102cc engine but it discharges almost same power and torque figures as of Honda Livo and Platina is also lighter in weight compare to Honda Livo hence its claimed top speed is little better than Honda Livo.

   2016-07-29 13:02:52

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