User review on Honda Livo written by (Guest) on 2015-10-06 12:34:15
Overall rating: 4.25
Design (Exterior/Interior)
Design - 4.00
Inside Comfort
Inside Comfort - 5.00
Driving Comfort
Driving Comfort - 4.00
Performance & Safety
Performance & Safety - 4.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Honda Livo

Year of Manufacture: 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 300
  • Pros: Good looks, Good comfort, decent milage,large wheel base,smooth riding, straight seat thus family person can also use this good head light, smooth gear shifting
  • Cons:

Full Review:

Overall conclusion is although honda livo is 110cc but still its performance is good best in this segment if come in 125cc segment in future i Guarantee will attract the more majority of people than before i hope honda will take my review seriously & may plan to launch its 125cc segment in future.It must must must be 125cc, MRF tubeless tyres some times SKIDS seat should be bit harder honda livo should have come in 125cc segment i bet majority of pepole would be more interested in honda livo 125cc even i have got 110cc livo but i have a big pinch in my heart i should have gone for drum model honda shine (although i have given 4 stars to livo but its expensive costs pinching me up to now) there is a only 500 Rs difference between honda livo disc & honda shine drum I did a mistake but what to do now according to me intelligent choice between honda shine drum & honda livo disc is honda shine drum bcs with shine We will get 125cc power which would be more long lasting than 110cc that is why i empathise on the 125cc segment of honda livo 125cc honda livo will give its owner 100% satisfaction atleast a value for money 110cc honda livo will give only 90-95% to its owners he will realize something is missing but he will not come to know which thing is missing the thing is 125cc engine instead of 110cc engine for honda livo