By: Yash on 2015-06-16

What is the difference between oil cooled engine and water cooled engine?
Which one is better for long drives?

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For the smoother running of the engine as well as to maintain the optimum performance the engine needs to be cooled down, and this where the cooling agent comes into the picture. There are three categories in which the engines are classified depending on the method of cooling employed:

1. Air cooled, 2. Oil Cooled, 3. Liquid cooled

Let’s differentiate between Oil Cooled Engine & Liquid Cooled Engine.

The oil loses its viscosity on getting heated, thus if an engine is running on higher temperature, then the oil becomes thinner, thus the lubricating effect of oil reduces which increases friction between the engine parts. To avoid this and to make sure that the oil maintains the optimal operating temperature; the oil is circulated between the radiator and the engine case, the radiator takes off the heat from the oil, thus bringing down the temperature, hence helping in maintaining the viscosity of the oil. Oil cooling is just air cooling with an additional cooling mechanism. The efficiency is definitely better than the air cooled but it’s nothing ground breaking.

This is the most popular method being used by almost all the high capacity machines as well as by our very own R15. Liquid cooling ensures stable performance in high speed riding, on up hills, in traffic jams, in all these conditions there is too much stress on the engine and engine gets heated very quickly. A liquid cooling system uses a web of passages around the cylinder to circulate coolant through. This coolant absorbs the heat produced by the engine when running. Under high performance conditions like engine running at a higher rpm, the engine gets hot quickly; this results in the temperature of the coolant to rise. The coolant is then sent to a radiator which dissipates the heat by running air flow or an electric fan. The coolant is then circulated back to the engine. This constant circulation of the coolant constantly cools the engine. Thus engine runs cooler, can maintain high speeds for a long time as well as the performance is not hampered. The liquid engine also has a longer life as compared to an air cooled engine.

For long drives Liquid Cooled Engine is better than other two.

Maanik   2015-07-16 14:54:14

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