User review on Indus Yo EXL written by (Guest) on 2015-11-07 12:36:43
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Overall rating: 3.50
Design (Exterior/Interior)
Design - 4.00
Inside Comfort
Inside Comfort - 4.00
Driving Comfort
Driving Comfort - 3.00
Performance & Safety
Performance & Safety - 3.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Indus Yo EXL

Year of Manufacture: 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 322
  • Pros: Servicing not required that often
  • Cons: Limited range

Full Review:

This is a very new ride that has come up in the market. As Samrita said this ride is eco friendly, I agree with her totally. It is a pleasure to be associated with a vehicle that??™s not polluting the environment. I use it to go to my college which is very near to my house. It provides a very smooth ride without any hassles. I don??™t have to service this ride that often.