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There are six KTM bike models available in the Indian market. KTM bike price in India starts at INR 1.18 lakhs for KTM Duke 125. KTM RC 390 is the most expensive of all the KTM motorcycles in India at INR 2.34 lakhs.

KTM bikes is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to off-road bikes. KTM AG, formerly known as KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, is renowned for manufacturing the enduro, motocross and supermoto bikes. KTM AG is an Austrian company manufacturing off-road bikes and sports cars. This company has an Indian connection with Bajaj Auto having a substantial share in the ownership. These bikes are extremely popular among the younger generation as they classify as adventure bikes in many ways.  

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About KTM Bikes – The History

The history of KTM dates back to 1934 when an Austrian engineer by the name of Johann (Hans) Trunkenpolz set up a fitter and car repairing shop in Mattighofen. KTM got its name from the title of this shop, Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. He started concentrating on repairing diesel engines during World War II. After the war, Hans started thinking about producing motorcycles and built the first model R100 in 1951. He started the serial production of the R100 with only 20 employees on board. That was the start of an illustrious journey.

Foundation of KTM

In 1953, Ernst Kronreif became a substantial shareholder in the company, whereby he renamed the company as Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (KTM). The R125 was the first bike introduced by this company in 1954. The next offering on the line was the Mirabell scooter in 1955. This company started manufacturing sports bikes in 1957 with the introduction of the Trophy 125cc. At the same time, they started producing mopeds with the launch of Mecky, Ponny I, Ponny II and Comet in quick succession. They also began making bicycles somewhere around the early 1960s.

After the death of Kronreif and Hans in quick succession, Erich Trunkenpolz, the son of Hans took over the management of the company. By 1971, KTM was offering 42 different models of motorcycles and scooters. By 1980, it became an established company and had a new name, KTM Motor-Fahrzeugbau KG. It has a sound international presence with this arm accounting for nearly 76% of the turnover of the company.

The Acquisition and the Expansion

By 1988, the company halted the production of scooters and mopeds. With the death of Erich in 1989, the Austrian investment trust GIT Trust took over 51% of the interest in the company. The company sank into huge debts culminating in the takeover of the KTM management by a consortium of creditor banks in 1991.

The year 1992 was the watershed year in the history of KTM, with the company splitting into four new entities listed hereunder.

a)  KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH – producing motorcycles

b)  KTM Fahrrad GmbH – bicycles

c)  KTM Kuhler GmbH – radiator manufacturing

d)  KTM Werkzeugbau GmbH – tooling division

The motorcycle manufacturing division had a new owner and started operations in 1992. The first KTM bikes to come out of this new entity were the Duke series in 1994. The year 1996 saw the company manufacturing its first motocross machines in the signature KTM orange colour. The company expanded its business by acquiring the Swedish motorcycle manufacturing company, Husaberg AB and the Dutch entity, White Power Suspension.

KTM’s association with India started in the year 2007 when Bajaj Auto bought 14.5% stake in KTM Power Sports AG. The present ownership of KTM AG is with CROSS KraftFahrZeug Holding GmbH and Bajaj Auto Limited International Holdings B.V.

After the series of restructuring processes, the company acquired the name KTM AG in 2012. Since 2012, the company has become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe for four consecutive years. In the year 2016, the company sold more than 2 lakh vehicles. Today, Bajaj Auto has a shareholding of 49% in the company. Thus, you have KTM India introducing some of the new KTM bikes in the country on a regular basis.

All the six models of KTM bikes in India are available at prices over INR 1 lakh. These KTM motorcycles have a reputation for being reliable and delivering excellent fuel efficiency. The KTM new model bikes come with advanced safety features like ABS and so on. You also have four upcoming new KTM bike models with a couple of them expecting a launch somewhere in 2019.

KTM Bike Photos

A glance at the KTM bike photos will convince you that these off-road motorcycles do pack a punch. Here are the KTM bike images that will prove that the KTM bike pictures are not only attractive but also extremely powerful.

Naked Bikes

Sports Bikes

Upcoming KTM Motorcycles

Naked Bikes

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KTM Bikes – Frequently Asked Questions

●  Why do you call some KTM models as dirt bikes?

KTM dirt bikes have a unique design that makes them capable of running on the rough surfaces of motocross rallies. These bikes are lighter than the conventional street bikes and have a greater sense of balance to make it ideal for taking part in cross-country races.

●  How much do the KTM bikes cost in India?

The KTM bike prices in India are more than INR 1 lakh. There are six KTM motorcycles available in India today.

a)  KTM Duke 200 – INR 1.44 to 1.60 Lakhs

b)  KTM 390 Duke ABS – INR 2.29 lakhs

c)  KTM RC 200 – INR 1.75 lakhs

d)  KTM RC 390 – INR 2.34 lakhs

e)  KTM Duke 250 – INR 1.76 lakhs

KTM Duke 125 – INR 1.18 lakhs

●  Are KTM bikes manufactured in India?

Bajaj Auto Limited manufactures the KTM 200, 250, and 390 Duke Models at their Pune plant. These bikes are only available in Asia, except for the Duke 390 that is exported to European countries as well.

●  Are KTM bikes safe to ride?

All bikes are safe to ride. The KTM bikes are no exception to this rule. There are no bad bikes, but only bad and unsafe riders. Accidents do not occur because of bikes but because of bad riding and scant respect for the traffic rules.

●  What do you mean by the term "Off-road bikes?"

Off-road bikes are those that you do not usually see people driving on the streets. They ride these bikes in motocross rallies and sports events. These bikes have a different body structure that makes it suitable for cross-country riding. KTM is a leading manufacturer of such off-road bikes.

●  Are KTM bikes fuel-efficient?

There is only one model of all KTM models that comes with a 125cc engine. The rest of the models come with engines with 200cc capacity or more. Hence, fuel efficiency is not an essential characteristic of the KTM all bikes. However, the KTM Duke 200 delivers a mileage of around 35 kmpl, one of the best mileage performances in its niche.

●  Is there any connection between Kawasaki and KTM?

No, Kawasaki is a Japanese company whereas KTM is an Austrian bike manufacturing company. The only similarity between KTM and Kawasaki is that Bajaj Auto distributes these bikes in India. Therefore, Bajaj Auto is the common link between the two companies.

●  What are the characteristics that distinguish a naked bike from the conventional ones?

Naked bikes have an upright riding position as compared to the reclining posture of the cruisers and the forward leaning sports bikes. The location of the foot pegs are just below the rider and the handlebars are also not high enough to force the rider to lean forward. One of the best examples of naked bikes is the KTM bike.

●  Are the KTM bikes powerful?

Yes, KTM bikes are powerful bikes. There is only one street bike model in the 125cc category. The remaining all KTM models have engine capacity equal to 200cc or more. These are powerful bikes capable of running over rough terrains.

●  Can one call the KTM bikes as stunt bikes?

Yes, the KTM bikes are very light and easy to manoeuvre. These bikes have a great sense of balance. Therefore, it is the favourite bike of the stunt artists. The Internet is loaded with lots of KTM bike videos where stunt artists have performed serious stunts on this bike.

●  Is there any KTM bike with ABS in India?

Yes, you have the KTM 390 Duke ABS model that comes with additional safety features like ABS. It is available for INR 2.29 lakhs.

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