By: joseph. roy on 2015-02-20

Is it correct that 390 Duke is accident prone?
It is being popularize that most of the accidents happens with KTM 390 Duke ABS, is it true? If yes then what is the reason behind it?

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Hello Joseph Roy !!

I don't agree with this point that most accident happens with KTM 390 Duke only, accidents can happen while riding any bike if the bike rider is not alert or the oncoming vehicle driver too is not alert, many accidents happens due to aggressive driving by bike rider, these accidents are common with new bikers, poor road conditions uneven payment can also lead to skidding and sliding. KTM 390 Duke is powered by 373cc engine and efficient to take the travelling speed from 0 to 60kmph within 2.6 seconds and the top speed is 160kmph so if the rider of this bike is aggressive then he is susceptible to skidding sliding and toppling as with any other bike having the same specifications, so the conclusion is that rider has to be alert while driving and familiar with the most common mistakes of accidents so that he/she can avoid them as much as possible.


Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 15:56:59

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