KTM 390 Duke ABS

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17 KTM 390 Duke ABS User Reviews

Mean Machine

Overall rating: 4.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-12-20 11:23:31

The KTM Duke 390 ABS has well and the most advanced braking system its segment. Apart from this the bike offers great handling and control at high speeds on highways.The bike is blessed with an ABS braking system which makes it safer on highways.... Read More »

Solid Mileage

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-09-03 13:29:24

The KTM Duke 390 ABS has great looks and has the look of seriousness as well. The designing has been done excellently. The bike has good dynamics and the engine layout is also nice. Well on the other hand, the bike has stiff ride quality. Along with the ride quality the bike has very disappointing m... Read More »

Stylish Looks

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-09-02 13:28:42

KTM changed the game by offering the Duke 390 with all of the features mentioned above in less than 2 lakh bracket. The single cylinder is torqueier than anything you have ever seen or ridden. The super sticky Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres let you take that knee out and defy Physics on every turn withou... Read More »

Nice Body Framework

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-09-29 10:58:52

Vaibhi you are absolutely correct about the bike that??™s its easily controllable. The body structure is a delight for my eye. I am the kind of person who finds the designs of bike very fascinating. The framework that is designed for the placement of the engine and other parts is perfectly made. Tho... Read More »

Cornering Is Smooth

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-09-28 10:58:16

This bike is easily controllable. The bike listens and responds to every kind of reflex made by the rider. The bike has the ABS feature that improves the biking experience. The braking provides for a very comfortable right. High performance of the engine as well as the the great braking of the bike ... Read More »

What A Performance!!!

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-09-27 10:57:29

The bike is very stiff in terms of riding comfort. The riding posture is totally governed by the structure of the bike. I bought this bike 2 weeks ago. And till now I have achieved enough credibility of totally exploit this bike in terms of riding skills. My riding skills and habits have improved. T... Read More »

Love this Bike

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-03-15 16:19:56

I purchased this bike since I was long looking for a sports bike which would fit my budget. I agree with everyone here that the bike has certainly got the eye candy charm; thanks to its naked looks. The engine is smooth, though my only complaint is that it over heats if revved constantly. The absolu... Read More »

Great Performitivity

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-03-14 16:18:34

I bought this bike quite recently and have been very happy with its performance. The bike looks exceptionally well with its naked look. I agree with everyone here about the amazing capability of the engine to deliver sheer raw power. The seating is comfortable, the transmission smooth and the pickup... Read More »

great bike

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-03-13 16:17:00

I have been using this bike for the past six months and I couldn??™t agree more with Rajan and Ajay that the bike is the best deal available in the price bracket. It just has so much to offer. The engine churns raw power, at a maximum of 9500 rpm. The chain drive transmission runs butter smooth and ... Read More »

flawless bike!

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-03-12 16:15:15

I totally agree with Rajan about the flawless naked look of the bike. It??™s styled meticulously with edges carved out with perfect fit and finesse. I am completely in love it. The engine is a beast complementing the beauty; displacing a maximum torque of 35nm at 7250 rpm. The seating is plush and f... Read More »


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