KTM is an eminent motorcycle manufacturing company based in Austria. This company was founded in 1992 and is called KTM Sportmotorcycle AG. It is said that KTM was available before 1934, but in 1992, it was rolled out from the parent KTM Company due to financial crisis. At that time, KTM was divided into 4 companies and all these companies deal in KTM brand. At the moment, there are several other subsidiaries of KTM, but KTM Sportmotorcycle is particularly joint with KTM branding because it believes in continuing the core business of  the company. This company is famous for an exclusive range of off road bikes, but recently,the company has expanded its business by producing sports car and street motorcycle.

Time Of KTM Trend:

In 1954, KTM got its first title in the Austrian 125 national championship in 1954. In 1956, the company and its products came into lime light for the first time at 6 days international Enduro.At this occasion, Egon Dornauer won gold medal with KTM motorcycle. For production unit,racing became a test ground, however next product in line was the Mirabell scooter. Thereafter,KTM keeps on expanding production level and in 1971, workforce reached 400. After 40 years,KTM was emerged as a contended company offering 42 models around the world. In year 1955,KTM developed Tourist 125cc and in 1957, Trophy 125cc – first sports bike was produced.Mecky – the first moped of KTM was unveiled in 1957 and after that, Ponny I and Ponny II arrived in the market.

KTM Motorcycles In India:

At present, KTM has made its existence in every corner of the world. So is in India. The current product range of KTM in Indian market includes 390 Duke and KTM 200 Duke. These two are motorcycle models produced by KTM. KTM 390 Duke which is priced at 1.8 Lakhs INR is an amazing motorcycle that offers phenomenal riding fun with high user value. This motorcycle proves to be a superior model at place where nimble riding is needed. It is a feather like light, very sturdy and loaded with advanced technology. This KTM 390 Duke commits to provide dynamic pleasure in place like urban forest or in jungles with lots of bends. On other side, KTM 200 Duke is built with super classy features that offer quality riding experience to users.