By: Eshaana on 2015-10-04

How to fix my KTM Duke 200 exhaust sound?

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The motorcycle’s sound is controlled by the muffler and the exhaust system. The muffler is the main component that reduces sound, we suggest you the following actions to fix your bike’s exhaust sound:

• Check the baffle whether it is in good condition, if not then replace the baffle with the same kind or choose an upgraded baffle. (Inside the muffler chambers, the baffle is a perforated tube that acts to deaden sound waves. Over time, the baffle’s performance declines and sound increases.)

• Tighten all nuts and bolts which hold the exhaust pipe into place and you should find that the amount of noise has reduced.

• Check your exhaust pipe for leaks, which can produce large whistling noises in the exhaust pipe. Use epoxy putty to fix any leaky areas as this will solidify and form a strong barrier over any cracked areas. This will significantly reduce noise and prolong the life of your motorcycle exhaust.

• Reinstall the factory mufflers and pipes this is the easiest way to fix the sound.

murti   2015-10-29 12:02:07

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