By: Anonymous on 2016-05-29

I was adjusting the rpm of my Duke 200 but instead of changing rpm1 setting rpm2 setting changed, now when I ride my bike warning light blinks constantly, how can I reset it to basic?
Problem with speedometer

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"Rpm2 speed must always be higher than the rpm1 speed, it seems that you have set rpm2 speed lower hence the warning light is constantly blinking, to correct the rpm2 setting do the following: • Press the MODE button briefly and repeatedly until TRIP 2 appears on the display. • Press the SET button for 5 - 10 seconds. • The display RPM 2 will appear. • The engine speed can be set at intervals of 50, you can set the speed with the MODE and SET buttons, the MODE button increases the value and The SET button decreases the value. • If you want to set the basic rpm2 speed (11000 rpm) then activate the Mode and Set buttons for approx. 15 seconds, the display RPM 2 will go out and the set speed will store"
   2016-06-15 18:13:31

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