By: Vidhya on 2015-08-14

Is the suspension of KTM RC 200 is better than Honda CBR 150R?

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The suspension (Front / Rear) in the KTM RC 200 Inverted Telescopic Fork / Swing-arm, mono suspension while in Honda CBR 150R is Telescopic / Spring loaded hydraulic type (monoshock), suspensions of the both bikes are equally good.

Rear seat of the RC 200 is different from other bikes, it has been designed to look like a cowl, because KTM wanted it to look like a cowl, as per users experience unlike what it looks like, it is actually very comfortable. The 'cowl' is actually a shaped PVC and foam unit that's bolted to the sub-frame; it looks like a matte plastic panel but feels like a regular seat to the touch. KTM say it is also hard-wearing and super tough. Also note that KTM being serious about sports-bike didn’t expect people to carry pillions regularly and/or over long distances.


Muhaab   2015-10-29 11:45:18

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