By: Maldon K Madhu on 2016-07-06

My height is 170 cm and weight is 67 kg, my wife is 150 cm and weight is 48 kg is KTM RC 200 suitable for us?
Im planning to buy Rc 200. My height is 170 cm weighing 67 wife is 150 cm weighing 48 kg.. Can she sit comfortably in the back the pillion seat of KTM Rc 200 safe for women.

1 Answers

The seat height of KTM RC 200 is 820 mm (82 cm), in our opinion this bike would be suitable for your height & weight but as per user reviews RC 200 is not enough suitable for woman pillion due to higher rear seat; you can take a test drive with your wife on the pillion seat to ensure comfort level of both.

   2016-07-29 13:09:14

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