By: sunil on 2015-02-06

What is the top speed KTM RC200?

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The company claims a top speed of 138km/h. This bike is equipped with an engine which displaces 199.5cc, with a maximum power of 24.65 Bhp @ 10000 rpm, and maximum torque of 19.2 Nm @ 8000 rpm. It has a 6 speed gearbox. KTM RC 200 has brand new stylish and new twin headlights, clips on handlebars and switches, new steel fuel tank, comfortable two-part seat for perfect rider and pillion support with a high seat height of 830mm for a big-bike feeling, advanced design windshield, newly forged and eye-catching aluminum triple clamps, integrated pillion seat with the bodywork lines for extra comfort, compact underbelly three-chamber silencer helps in centralization of mass due to being close to the bike's overall center of gravity, sporty integrated blinkers into fairing-mounted rear view mirrors, a thin tail with a number plate holder and LED tail light and pushed back foot pegs for aggressive riding position.

Raksanda   2015-07-22 15:17:13

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