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Key features
  • Engine: 373 Cc
  • Mileage: 26 Kmpl
  • Power: 43.6 bhp
  • Weight: 147 Kg
KTM RC 390 Price in India

KTM RC 390 Price in India

  • Pros

    • Linear Power Delivery
    • Sharp Steering
    • Effective Aerodynamics
    • Higher Top Speed
  • Cons

    • Limited 10 Litre Fuel Tank
    • Riding Position Not Comfortable For Long Rides
    • Has A Passenger Seat. But Really Do You Want To Torture Them ?
    • Soft Rear Suspension

KTM RC 390 Overview

The RC 390 is the refined version of the already benchmarked for performance motorcycle, The Duke 390. It gets all the goodness of the Duke 390 with better handling capabilities, whilst retaining the entire god given gung-ho-ness. With loads of learning from the ADAC Junior Cup and Moto 3, the fully faired super sport category RC 390 defines the quarter-litre class of motorcycles in almost every aspect and it's heading to give other manufacturers in its segment a trashing. While sharing most of the platform with its Duke sibling, the RC boasts some serious alternations and fine tinkering that raise its dynamic and handling capability to the next level. KTM RC 390 Overview

KTM RC 390 Engine & Transmission

Nothing new to see here, the RC sports the same 373cc, single cylinder, 44bhp engine as the Duke 390, although with a hint of remapping. With additional weight and a new engine map, the RC 390 feels creamier through the gears while being almost as fast as the Duke 390 in terms of acceleration. It is an ideal motorcycle to go for those weekend rides and track days. The biggest advantage comes with the addition of the full fairing that helps protect the rider from the heat dissipated from the engine, keeping things cool in day to day cut throat traffic.KTM RC 390 Engine & Transmission

KTM RC 390 Mileage

With an engine tuned for linear power deliver, there is a slight increase in mileage as compared to the Duke 390, but hardly. While its still quite difficult to restrain your angst to wring the throttle, if successful there are changes of getting close to 33kmpl. While the others who cave in to the temptation of acceleration should expect drop in fuel economy by 6-9kmpl. KTM RC 390 Mileage

KTM RC 390 Performance and Handling

The RC 390 makes its intentions very clear the moment you saddle up on it. Like every KTM before it, the RC too is very purpose built. It proves to be a capable motorcycle in city traffic as well as the highways. The aggressive riding ergonomics aren't there to ruin the fun but enhance it in a very different way. If the 390 Duke is a hammer then the RC 390 is a scalpel. The RC wont exuberate the sheer hooliganism of the Duke but would simply gear the rider for a lighting fast dash through traffic while giving the confidence to push the machine harder and get his knee closer to the tarmac on the twisties.KTM RC 390 Performance and Handling

KTM RC 390 Competitors

KTM RC 390 Competitors

KTM RC 390
KTM RC 390
2.34 Lakhs
Get on Road Price
373 Cc
26 Kmpl
Kawasaki Ninja
2.98 – 72.00 Lakhs
KTM RC 390 vs Kawasaki Ninja
296 - 1441 Cc
10 - 25 Kmpl
38.4 - 317.1
Dominar 400
Bajaj Dominar 400
1.74 Lakhs
KTM RC 390 vs Bajaj Dominar 400
373.27 Cc
27 Kmpl
* Showing information of base variants
Users Reviews

KTM RC 390 Users Reviews (15 reviews)

Good model
Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: (Guest) on 24 Mar 2015
I recently bought this bike from the showroom of Delhi. KTM RC390 has a powerful 373.2cc, water-cooled, forced oil engine lubrication with 2 pumps, mechanically operated Wet multi disc clutch, electronic fuel injection with digital ignition timing adjustment, twin OHC based engine which has a claw-shifted 6-speed trans... ... Read full review »
Awesome bike
Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: (Guest) on 25 Mar 2015
Just a few weak ago I bought this car from the showroom of Delhi. KTM RC390 has many striking features that make it a formidable competitor which includes its stylish body panels from tank to tail, sharp fairing, new clip on handlebar and switches for a weight forward and aggressive riding position, superior control, i... ... Read full review »
Ultimate racing bike
Overall rating: 4.25 Reviewed By: (Guest) on 13 Apr 2015
I just love this bike. It has got the ultimate racing DNA in it. The powerful engine can pump out a power of 43 BHP. It has got a Bosch ABS for powerful braking as well. The steering head angle, seat height, etc are maintained precisely for making it perfect for racing. Once you ride it yourself, you will know how it f... ... Read full review »
Best Racing Bike
Overall rating: 3.75 Reviewed By: (Guest) on 13 Apr 2015
This is the best sport bike according to me not only because I own it but also for the engine and build quality of this powerful monster. The ground clearance, seat height and the steering head angle are all just perfect for a racing bike. The engine can pump ut a power of up to 43 BHP and a torque of 35 Nm. ... Read full review »

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1. How much mileage does KTM RC 390 give?

The KTM RC 390 comes with an engine that delivers power in a linear fashion which results in a marginal increase of mileage. The mileage capabilities can change when you get close to 33 kmpl. However, if you love the speed and tempted to accelerate then the fuel efficiency can drop by 6-9 kmpl.

2. What are the engine specifications of KTM RC 390?

There is nothing new in the RC 390. It comes with the same 373cc single cylinder, a 44 bhp engine with a bit of modifications from the previous Duke 390 engine. The RC 390 is a bit heavier, but with the new engine map, it feels smoother when the gears are changed and the acceleration is faster compared to the previous models.

3. What road conditions is the bike best for?

The KTM RC 390 is ideal for long rides and tracks. It is also good for highway riding and long distance trips. The beauty of the engine is that it protects the rider from the heat that emanates from the engine and it keeps the bike cool even in gruesome summer months or through the killing traffic.

4. What is the performance of RC 390 like?

The RC 390 is built for supreme performance and you will realize this the moment you mount the bike. KTM like its predecessors is built for everyday use and to handle the busy city traffic as well. The RC 390 can help you cruise the traffic at high speeds and also you can drive the mean machine harder to harness its total power.

5. What are the advantages that RC 390 has?

Compared to other similar bikes in the market, the KTM RC 390 has quite a few benefits to offer. The linear engine power delivery helps you achieve greater speeds and better fuel efficiency. The steering is sharp and can be handled easily. The bike has superb aerodynamics qualities. It also delivers higher speeds. Any person would like to see such qualities in their bike.

6. Are there any disadvantages of KTM RC 390?

Yes every good thing in life comes with a bit of disadvantages too but they can be ignored. The KTM has a 10 litre fuel tank limiting your options while you are on a long ride. The riding position or the seating position is not that comfortable. The passenger seat is not so comfortable either, and it also has a soft rear suspension.

7. What is the price of KTM RC 390 in India?

The showroom price of RC 390 is INR2.34 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. The on road price will be higher and also vary based on the city that you live.

8. What are the key features of RC 390?

The RC 390 has a 373 CC engine, gives a mileage of about 26 kmpl. It can yield a power of 43.6 bhp, and weighs about 147 kg.

9. Is KTM RC 390 a popular bike to buy?

KTM RC 390 has become a very popular racing bike because of its speed delivery. Moreover it is also popular as a city bike.

10. With which bikes does the KTM RC 390 compete?

In the Indian market, the RC 390 competes with the likes of Hyosung GT250R, Kawasaki Ninja and Bajaj Dominar 400.