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Lectrix Motors Ltd is a subsidiary of Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd which is the flagship company of Delhi-based SAR Group. Luminous is a famous brand of inverters in India and they launched Lectrix as a brand with the simple objective of providing an efficient and economical way of commuting for the price sensitive market. Lectrix was thus established in 2007 for producing and selling electric motor vehicles. It currently has two models Lectrix E 1 and Lectrix E-star.The Lectrix e-bikes run entirely on lead acid batteries and come with charging devices which have been developed with European technology. A new battery is expected to have an average life cycle of one and a half to two years. The cost of replacement of battery would be Rs.7000 only which makes it highly affordable and cost effective. One time charging for 8-10 hours make this bike run for 60-65 kilometres easily, thus the cost per kilometre comes to as low as 10 paise. Given the rising prices of petrol these electric bikes are highly economical. The company has setup its factory and operations center in China which helps the company to further boost the affordability of the bikes. Being zero emission and running on electricity they help you contribute in making this world a greener and pollution free place. Lectrix E1 is a sharp looking bike with an exterior styling at par with any of its contemporaries. It’s got highly focused headlights, chunky sides, sleek tail lights and good storage capacity. It runs on a VRLA,brushless, 250 W DC motor which works on 48V 20Ah battery and is extremely silent as is expected ofan electric bike. The top speed is around 25kmph and the motor produces 0.34 horsepower which is pretty decent for an electric scooter. Lectrix E star is built on the same lines as E1 though the latter looks more stylish. E star is lighter as compared to E1. Both Lectrix e-bikes have electric start option and automatic gearbox. The also carry an analogue speedometer. The electric bikes require no registration as per ARAI guidelines.Having minimal sound, low maintenance and easy availability of parts, these scooters are perfect for short trips to market or going to college on daily basis. It is also targeted at school going crowd for it is easy to handle and maintain. The distance and charging of the mind though have to be kept in mind while going out for a ride.