By: Harpreet on 2015-05-23

Is LML LV 2 store available in Noida ?

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Hello Harpreet..

LML LV 2 stroke is the most iconic scooter offered by LML. It is being observed that this 149cc scooter is one of the most common and most reliable scooters, which is being seen on Indian roads. The availability of a most common scooter should be most accessible and it is true in case of LML LV 2 stroke scooter. Basically in a nutshell since you haven’t mentioned the exact location I can’t really help you. But for a rough idea I would like to tell you that LML LV 2 is usually available on all authorized LML showrooms, but it might take some time for you to buy it because of its high demand there might be some waiting period.
You can just follow this link to read in detail about this scooter


Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 12:45:53

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