LML which is a short form of Lohia Machines P Ltd. was formed in 1972. The prime business of LML was to produce industrial machinery which is used in fibre industry. Later on, LML entered into other activities like processing and manufacturing leather and synthetic yarn. In year 1982, LML made an agreement with Piaggio which is an Italian manufacturer of scooter, after which it started production and marketing of 100 cc MBGS vehicles. This is how, LML turned into scooter manufacturing company. In 1987, it was renamed as LML Ltd and in 1990, LML Ltd solely involved in the sale and manufacturing of gear scooters.

LML Ltd In India

This is the company that has fully changed scooter industry in India. To make it possible,Piaggio collaboration has played a major part. At present, LML Ltd is in partnership with Korean company Dealim and this partnership has helped the company to enter motorcycle industry.Recently, LML has brought up Freedom in the Motorcycle market in India. However, the scooters of LML are not branded as Vespa anymore, but the quality and high level performance of these scooters is still same. LML product range is not limited to few places, but company is exporting and marketing its network to various regions like USA, UK, and Italy etc.

LML Motorcycles Available In India

As of now, LML has launched only motorcycle namely LML Freedom. LML Freedom comes in two models – LML Freedom DX and LML Freedom LS.Two of them are proved to be dynamic two wheelers. Freedom DX is priced at 49,410 INR and Freedom LS is priced at 49,950 INR.Freedom DX features 95kph speed and 45 kmpl city mileage and 65 kmpl highway mileage.Freedom LS features 95kmph top speed and great mileage. The engine quality of both models is almost same. These motorcycle models can offer brilliant performance in street driving as well as in highway drive.

Scooter Range Of LML

The main production range of LML India is of scooters of metal body. LML has introduced several scooter models in the Indian two wheeler market. The most popular LML scooters include NV Express, Select II, the Sensation, Star Xpress and Pulse. In 2006, the sale of these models was declined. To build up a strong presence in the market, LML introduced 2 stroke geared metal body scooters, 2 and 4 stroke gearless plastic body scooters. These new launched scooters have contributed amazingly to get the company position back in automobile industry in India.