By: navdeep singh on 2014-08-02

I want to do servicing of LML Freedom carburettor on my own. How to do it?
I want to open its carborator to clean. I want to know how it wud be open in right way

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Hey Navdeep Singh !!

For overhauling of carburettor, the procedure involves removing hose pipe connections taking out carburettor after loosing the locking bolts and nuts. Points to be checked are fuel float chamber and conditions of float, accelerator connection and throttle, setting of meeting rod, chock unloaded and adjustment setting, slow running speed adjustment, idle jet adjustment and all other circuits. Following simple procedure of dismantling and re assembling in reverse order helps for improved efficiency of carburettor. Inturn improves overall efficiency of engine.

Thank You

Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-06-12 13:03:17

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