By: Vasim on 2015-12-01

What is CVT gearbox? Is it gearless?

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CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission it is also known as a single-speed transmission, stepless transmission, variable pulley transmission, it is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through an indefinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values. This contrasts with other mechanical transmissions that offer a fixed number of gear ratios. Essentially, a CVT is comprised of two pulleys connected by a belt these are special pulleys since they can change their size and thus change the “gearing” in the vehicle.

CVT is not a gearless system but there is no set number of “gears” in a CVT because it can choose the exact gear ratio along with “variable” continuum between its lowest and highest gear ratios. So it can easily creep around a parking or blast down the freeway.

Sagar   2015-12-18 11:18:27

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