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Lohia Auto Industries is a part of the Lohia Group of Companies which was established in 2008. The vision of the company is to provide reliable and affordable rural and inter-city modes of transportation. The company embraces the need for vehicles that are eco-friendly and affordable, as such it produces electricity driven two wheelers and low maintenance three wheelers. Lohia Auto launched their first two electric scooters together named Fame and Oma in 2008. Though it is a growing segment yet Lohia Auto has many competitors like Hero Electric, Lectrix, Yo-bikes, Avon and BSA offering electric scooters. The  price bracket is also almost the same for these e-bikes. The company has set up their state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Kashipur, Uttrakhand which has a capacity of producing 1000 units per say. It now also manufactures around 20,000 units of three wheeler vehicles offered by the company. Currently there are four available models of two wheelers from Lohia Auto in the market namely Fame, Oma Star, Oma Star DX and Genius.All the two wheeler models run on a Brushless DC motor powered by a 250 Watt, maintenance free, VRLA rechargeable battery. The motor uses 48V of input power with 20Ah capacity. In case of Oma Star DX the capacity is 30Ah which makes it run 10 km extra per charge compared to the other models. The maximum speed for all bikes is 25 km/hr which is a standard for most electric bikes available in the market today. The company claims that one time charge of 6-8 hours makes these bikes run an average of 70 kilometres. All the models differ in terms of looks and colours as per their targeted at age groups. Lohia Auto launched its 1st three-wheeler in cargo version in 2011 followed by a passenger version in early 2012. The cargo version comes with open loading bay called Humsafar LDi and closed loading bay called Humsafar HDi. All the models are available in diesel and CNG variants. The passenger vehicle has a capacity of 3 passengers and the commercial ones can carry a load of around 500 kg. The company claims an average mileage of 36 kmpl for the diesel variants which run on a single cylinder four stroke, direct injection, 436cc diesel engine. Lohia Auto has been quite steady in giving vehicles which are budget friendly and low in maintenance cost. The e-bikes portfolio speaks of its commitment to deliver eco-friendly vehicles meant to be convenient and reliable whereas the three wheelers strengthens its position in the automotive industry intended to target rural transportation needs.