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Mahindra bikes are creating new waves in the two-wheeler industry. These bikes are creating a niche for themselves by offering an outstanding performance. Mahindra Centuro is the flagship bike of the company and is renowned for its toughness and reliability.The Mahindra bike price for the Centuro stands between INR 42,884 and INR 54,095. However, it is Mahindra Mojo that is the most expensive out of all Mahindra bikes. It costs anywhere from INR 1.50 to 1.80 lakh.

Two-wheeler lovers also have a choice of Mahindra scooters, namely Mahindra Gusto 125, a Mahindra 125 cc bike. It offers best-in-class features and is priced between INR 48,615 and 53.030. The Mahindra Gusto has received five awards in two categories - the Scooter of the Year and Innovation of the Year.