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Mahindra two-wheeler ltd is a newly introduced venture of Indian auto giant M & M and at present, it is working on to build a position in the Indian two-wheeler market which is rapidly growing. Presently, this company works on scooter models only, but in near future, it will launch some contended motorcycle models in the market. Founded in the year 2008, MTWL took over Kinetic Motor Company Ltd. Collaborated with Taiwan Sanyang Industry Company, Mahindra enhanced its two-wheeler portfolio and after that, it had signed a technical agreement with an Italian company for design and research product.

Mahindra Two Wheeler Ltd In India

At Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh (India), MTWL has founded its manufacturing plant. In Pune, it has started a unit for research and development which is equipped with all essential development and design facilities including prototype testing and manufacturing. The company has spent USD 17 million on this project. In India, MTWL has built a powerful network of over 200 vendors along with 300+ dealers who create 700 points approximately. The current range of MTWL products including motorcycles and scooters include Mahindra Duro DZ, Mahindra Centuro, Mahindra Mojo 300cc.

Mahindra Motorcycle Range Available In India

To give a strong competition to two-wheeler industry in India, Mahindra has developed an attractive range of motorcycles which are serving phenomenal performance. Mahindra Centuro is one of the most powerful motorcycles produced by the company. It is a new breed version of the bike that represents ruggedness, toughness and full reliability. Offering 5 years of warranty with Centuro, Mahindra shows up its confidence in this bike. In addition to Centuro, the Pantero is another spectacular motorcycle model by Mahindra which is designed for jungle drive. It has microchip ignite power motor with 5 curves. The mileage and the acceleration depend on these curves by which it offers great power to the rider.

Mahindra Scooters In India

Mahindra has launched several attractive scooters in India which include Duro DZ, the Flyte and the Rodeo RZ. Mahindra Duro DZ is a powerful model that is mainly designed for Indian tough roads. Powered by the 125cc engine, it offers quickly to start an amazing pickup. The Flyte of Mahindra is highly convenient and affordable scooter that is loved by Indian scooter buyers.This vehicle offers the great freedom that everyone thinks about. The Kine is also a great scooter of Mahindra that has the 71cc engine and comes with stylish design and colours. For superior performance, Mahindra has launched Rodeo RZ which is powered by 4 strokes 125 cc engine that works well in traffic and all crowded roads.