By: Dhananjay on 2015-12-11

My Mahindra fuel gauge is not showing accurate fuel quantity, how can I know whether bike is running on reserve fuel?

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 As per users reviews fuel gauges of the many bikes after some months of buying doesn’t indicate the exact quantity of fuel in the tank, but you need not depend on the fuel gauge to ascertain the quantity of fuel, the fuel tank capacity of Mahindra Centuro is 12.7 liters and from it around 2 liters is for reserve storage, normally you should ride with fuel supply knob set to “ON” so when the main fuel supply exhausts bike will stop running and you can know that now only reserve fuel storage (2 liters) is left and you can turn the fuel supply knob to “RESERVE” to utilize the reserved fuel supply (2 liters) and can refill the tank.

You also said that your bike doesn’t get start without using choke lever, we advise you to do the following thing to fix it:
• Check idling rpm, if it is too less approach the authorized Mahindra service center for correct adjustment.
• Carburetor setting might be incorrect so approach the authorized Mahindra service center for correct adjustment as recommended in the owner’s manual.

And possible reason of low mileage are:
• Get the carburetor tuned for optimum performance as recommended in the owner’s manual.
• Air filter might be clogged so get it cleaned from authorized Mahindra service center.
• Check both wheels for free rotation.
• Clutch lever should not be pressed for long while driving.

Jyotim   2015-12-31 15:10:15

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