By: Anirudh on 2015-12-31

What is the process of buying Mahindra Centuro on loan?

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First of all the loan providing company makes the preliminary calculations based on information given by you about your income, debts, and assets. These calculations help them to determine whether you can afford the loan amount you are applying for or not.

Generally, you need to give information about who you are, where you work, your finances and the vehicle you want to buy and some document you will need to submit for verification like photo id (picture ID, driver’s license, passport etc.) history of tax returns, employment history etc., if all the information and documents meet with their requirement the loan will be approved.

We advise you to contact your local Mahindra dealer as there you will be suggested different types loan plans and loan company representatives will also guide you through the loan procedure.

Kalpit   2016-01-15 17:52:04

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