By: Suman on 2016-02-12

Why my Mahindra Centuro vibrates too much?

1 Answers

There may be many reasons for vibration, please try following suggestions:

• Check the tyres pressures whether it is correct or not, low tyres pressure also cause vibrations at high speed.
• Adjust your bikes chain to correct tension, check your user’s manual for procedure to adjust it.
• Check and adjust the valve clearance, guidance is given in manual you may show that to mechanic.
• Clean fuel strainer, filter and carburetor & tune it as recommended in the service manual.
• Clean oil filters screen and centrifugal filter.

We hope above advice will fix the vibration problem, if not we advise you to take your bike to your local Mahindra Service Center for through examination.

Naveen   2016-03-10 14:59:27

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