By: moktar on 2016-06-03

How to change engine oil of my Mahindra Duro?
How to change oil engine? Can you show me how to do it.

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"We advise you following procedure to change engine oil: • Before carrying out engine oil change operation previous oil must be drained completely. To ensure rapid & complete draining first make engine warm by idling it for few minutes & then stop the engine & put the vehicle on main stand. • Remove the dipstick and drain Plug. • After oil has drained completely, reinstall the drain plug. • Check condition of sealing washer and replace if necessary. • Fill recommended engine oil through dipstick opening. • Reinstall the dip stick. • Start the engine and allow it to idle for few minutes. • Stop the engine. • Check for any oil leakage from the engine. • After few minutes, check oil level by dip stick (reinsert dipstick in crankcase without screwing in it) It should be at the upper level mark of dipstick."
   2016-06-20 13:01:50

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