By: Meenu on 2016-07-07

Is warranty after the resale of Mahindra Gusto still valid?
If we buy or sell this (bike)mahindra gusto to someone with in the warrently period then the new owner won't get the warrently !!?? Is it true?? If that is the case what is the violation ?? persons how matters for warrenty ?? completely product or goods depends right?? what is the law???

1 Answers

In most cases, vehicle warranties are based on the vehicle identification number (VIN), and the warranty will be valid regardless of ownership, so if the Mahindra Gusto is resold the warranty will still remain valid for new owner until the end of original warranty period and the new owner will be covered under the same warranty as the old owner was and you might know that warranty is based on the purchase date not on the manufacturing year.

   2016-08-01 12:03:53

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