User review on Mahindra Gusto written by Laishram Shyam Singha(Guest) on 2017-05-07 08:59:04
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Overall rating: 3.50
Design (Exterior/Interior)
Design - 4.00
Inside Comfort
Inside Comfort - 4.00
Driving Comfort
Driving Comfort - 3.00
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Performance & Safety - 3.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Mahindra Gusto

Year of Manufacture: 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 13000
  • Pros: In the year 2014, I had the first version of Activa which my wife got during her college days. I had the chance to ride the aged, cranky, and rattling scoot for couple of months before the engine gave up finally. I was now looking for a replacement scoot with the largest tyres, high ground clearance considering the roads from Delhi-Gurgaon, good headlamps for riding back home from work at night, a different large or big and masculine looking scoot because everyone owned Activas and Jupiters and every gearless scooter looked alike. These were my basic needs with a tight budget. I did like the Hero Maestro and the Honda Aviator, but my search ended with Gusto 110. There was no 125 cc then. The fiber body is easy to clean and there's no need to worry about rust.
  • Cons: The longest distance I rode this scooter was 420 km from Delhi to Amritsar. And I experienced the flaws with power. This scoot was just not built for the high speed highways. As I kept rolling the accelerator, the speedo never crossed 85kmph mark. The engine just loses its breadth there. Mileage claimed by Mahindra is around 60kmpl, whereas it hardly delivers 40kmpl. The horn sound is fairly ok and sharp, but I feel the need of a little louder so that the car and bus drivers ahead of me can hear me too when I alert them. I wonder why the sound of horn gets reduced with the size of the vehicle. You compare the puny horn of a cheap hatchback car and that of a luxury sedan. Now that's unfair. The headlamp now seem less bright and I need more because I ride a lot after evening. The brakes takes some time to stop the Gusto in high speed. Pedestrians and jaywalkers who has no road sense are the biggest threat to a Gusto rider and you need a damn good braking system for that. The fuel lid opener is housed under the seat and you got to get off at the fuel station. How inconvenient is that when you see someone sitting on a TVS Jupiter and get the job done because his scooter has the fuel lid opener on the outside. The under seat storage can't contain my full size helmet, whereas my friend always keeps his helmet under the seat of his Yamaha Alpha. I have to do it with a cable lock or carry the helmet with me when it is raining. Need for a front storage box like all other scooters. You don't get one for Gusto even in the accessories shop.

Full Review:

I use the Gusto in Delhi which is an extreme place. The summer, the monsoon, the foggy winter, the pot holed roads, the chaotic city traffic, everything is extreme. In the initial days after I purchased my Gusto, there used to be a major problem with the scooter. When stuck in a jam, the engine would stop and won't restart. It would take some effort to fire it back. It got cured by 3rd servicing. Leave the Gusto idle for two to three weeks and it would be a task to start the engine. I rarely use the kick start as recommended by the mechanic and after a year it was jammed. It's now ok after some cleaning and oiling. The brake levers tend to loosen gradually and I need to screw in the bolts but that I do because I like the levers firm and tight. Not that the scooter should stop only when the brake levers are completely pulled. There has been no requirement for any major repairs as long as the routine servicing are done. On one occassion, the rear tyre went flat and the wheel was punched in at three places, but that's because I had a pillion with less air in the tyre combined with some speed and all of these combined hit a broken road. The roadside mechanic hammered the aluminium wheel and got it back to shape. There was no other repairs in the last nearly two years. About the components, the features of this scooter sets it apart from the rest. The kick start is positioned in a way that you don't need to get off the seat. But who cares about that. The start button works fine. The small front storage under the console is different but should've come with a cover. You don't want to drop your stuffs on the way. The ground clearance and the 12 inch tyres are great. It doesn't mind rolling over some broken foot paths which is great to cut the traffic jam. I would though not promote this, there are pedestrians and cops too. The suspension of Gusto is hard. I wonder if there's any spring down there. The engine and it's power is just enough to take me from place A to B. When at the red signal ahead of all the vehicles behind me and as soon as the light turns green, I'd twist the accelerator but the scooter don't want to move it's ass fast. Release the acceleration and re twist it multiple times and only then it catch up some speed. Can run 80 to 85 on a straight road and remains stable unlike the Honda Dio which I got for my dad. At turns I'd get it down to half the speed or even less and it turns well indeed. The over all experience of owning a Gusto is filled with mixed feeling. Every rider has their own set of different requirements and you won't get everything from a single machine. It is then when the need arises for some logical customization. While I don't care for the pompous and flashy mods, but I would like to have an engine kill switch, hazard light, better horn and more lumens, better mileage in the range of 45-50 kmpl. And the design of this scooter, love it or hate it, is just different and extreme like every thing else in Delhi.