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Mahindra Mojo Electric
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Mahindra Mojo Electric Overview

Mahindra is one of the few manufacturers to offer electric vehicles in India. The company is reportedly working on an electric version of their flagship bike Mojo to give it a new lease of life. The prototype of the electric version of the touring motorcycle was spotted outside the Bosch factory in Bangalore. Though the company hasn’t said anything about the launch of the Mojo electric, this could be launched in India some time in 2020. The government of India’s encouragement towards electric vehicles is also likely to give a confidence to the company to introduce the electric bike soon in the market.

Mahindra Mojo Electric Styling & Comfort

The overall design of the upcoming Mojo Electric will be largely similar to its petrol-powered version. The bike will have a twin-barrel headlamp and upside-down forks at the front. Being an electric bike, it will miss out on the exhaust system and the gear shifter, and the engine bay will be fully enclosed for concealing the electric motor and battery pack. Expect the electric version to be slightly heavier due to the motor and the batteries. The prototype of the upcoming bike was spotted in a nice dual-tone, white and red colour, which goes very well with its electric nature.

Mahindra Mojo Electric Performance and Handling

It would be too early to comment on the performance of this bike, as at this moment, there is no detail available on the electric powertrain. The electric bike is expected to provide excellent ride quality for the most part and so is the handling with tight body control, although not in the same league as its petrol-powered version. 

Mahindra Mojo Electric What we think

While we, as a market, still haven't completely accepted electric two-wheelers, the mindset of buyers is slowly changing. If priced attractively, the bike will definitely attract buyers.

Mahindra Mojo Electric Mileage

At this moment, there are no details available on the Mojo Electric battery capability that how far it will allow the bike to go on a single charge. 

Mahindra Mojo Electric Engine & Transmission

The technical specifications of the Mahindra Mojo Electric powertrain aren’t available at the moment. The bike might come with a single-drive gearbox and a belt drive for smoother power delivery. 

Mahindra Mojo Electric Braking & Safety

The bike is expected to be equipped with a disc brake at the front and a drum type unit at the rear, which would be a perfect combination for this electric bike. 

Mahindra Mojo Electric Competitors

When launched, the bike will not have any direct rivals in India.

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