17 Mahindra Rodeo UZO User Reviews

Most uncomfortable, 30p Ltr milane, fuel meter faltu from very fist day no self start until count tenth. No assessory available in biggest market of Delhi karol Bagh totally dissappointed buy by dealer recommended but waste a lot

Overall rating: 1.00
Reviewed By: Inder Malik(Guest) on 2017-06-27 08:28:00

No self start in morning. No shoker sufficient saffron chasis no fuel improve since last two service. Toweaway twice in first 3,month of using... Read More »

Rodeo; A Blend of good features and poor performance

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: Gyati Gupta(Guest) on 2017-01-08 23:56:23

I disposed off my Mahindra Rodeo 2010 Model yesterday and was on hunt to buy a new scooter/moped. I was keen on buying an Activa 3G; reason being Activa the best selling scooter since 2000. Additionally, I visited many showrooms today and looked for the features in TVS -- Jupiter, Wego ,Yamaha-- ... Read More »

Really a Big one

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-09 12:31:48

If we discuss regarding its features, continuous variable transmission and a weight of 106kg make this scooter very easy to handle and peer through the busy city traffic. Although it is a scooter but I agree with Fiza, it is quite sooth and comfortable to handle with good engine, the Mahindra UZO ha... Read More »

1st sports bike in India

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-12 12:31:07

The digital speed meter is really eye catching feature of it. It is made available at a fair price and the average is good. The Mahindra UZO is really easy to drive. Its aerodynamic design and wide wheel base makes the ride smooth and reliable. Mahindra claims it to be the most feature full commuter... Read More »

Fantastic handeling facility

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-13 12:30:10

It is well known to be the all in one and comfortable commuter in the scooter segment. The digital features of this car are amazing. Only the less safety features is a hitch in the case for this car, rest from price to everything, Mahindra Uzo is the best.The Mahindra UZO is one of the amazing bike.... Read More »

Decent Scooter

Overall rating: 4.50
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-10-11 11:27:32

I totally agree with sangita that this scooter fits everybody??™s dimension. That is why I bought this. I like the design of the scooter. It provides a hassle free riding quality. It provides comfort due to its unique body posture. The engine of this scooter is very good as it churns out adequate po... Read More »

A Smart Performer

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-10-10 11:26:41

I bought this small ride because I found this suitable for my body dimension. A smart performer, I must accept. Good quality engine with efficient performance on city roads as well as on the highways. I like to roam around with my childhood friends on this scooter and this provides a very good feel.... Read More »

The smart scooter

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-06-09 17:58:13

Actually my sister is having a rodeo bought last year and sometimes I take that with me when I get bored of my bike and I feel very light on the scooter. It is really brutally power will be ready to rush on your indication any time and is able to fetch bikes easily of the same capacity. Interestingl... Read More »

The coolest scoter

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-06-08 17:56:55

I am agree with Nisha, The rodeo RZ is having adrenaline rush generating power and a very informative meter console with reset, high speed alert and fuel alert. The storage box of Rodeo is having ample space to store the stuffs inside. It is electric start with telescopic suspension and side stand i... Read More »

My ride since three years

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-05-06 17:55:44

Rodeo has been my choice from last 5 years and Rodeo UZO 125 is my latest buy from Mahindra. Actually it??™s the brand image of Mahindra rough vehicles whicgh are adapted to every situation. The vehicle is power by a 125cc engine which is capable of 8 Ps power and 9 Nm torque. It has telescopic fron... Read More »

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