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    • Capable Off Roader
    • Polaris Build Quality
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    • Expensive
    • Inadequate Dealer And Service Network

Polaris Youth Price in India

The new Youth is an iconic off-road bike from the stables of the American vehicle manufacturer Polaris. This vehicle is built to offer optimum performance in even worst conditions. This bike is full... Read more »

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Polaris Youth Overview

The new Youth is an iconic off-road bike from the stables of the American vehicle manufacturer Polaris. This vehicle is built to offer optimum performance in even worst conditions. This bike is fully armed with all the equipments required to conquer broken and muddy roads. Therefore, all the features turn this vehicle a hot favorite of the youth at present.

Polaris Youth Engine & Transmission

The engine used in this off road vehicle is a 4 stroke, single cylinder engine with a displacement of 169cc. This power efficient mill generates enough power so that it can perform well on uneven roads. The transmission used in this vehicle is an automatic with PVT F/N/R; O-ring chain and its drive type is 2WD. The fuel system used in this vehicle is carbureted, which assists it in the most critical situations.

Polaris Youth Mileage

There is one area, in which Polaris out performs and that is fuel-efficiency. This is a well known fact that this kind of bikes are designed and built to offer power not mileage. The racers must get along with the little mileage it delivers.

Polaris Youth Performance and Handling

In terms of performance, this off-road bike breaks every barrier and delivers its best not only on tough roads but also in critical situations. For a comfortable drive, this bike uses Single A-Arm with 5inch (12.7 cm) Travel suspension at the front and Swing arm Dual Shocks with 5inch (12.7 cm) Travel suspension at its rear. The well-built suspension system allows it to beat every difficulty comes on the road while cruising. There is a robust set of brakes used in Polaris Youth and that is 4 wheel hydraulic disc at the front and rear. Such braking system turns it a safe vehicle, which is ready to be driven on any kind of track. In addition, it comes equipped with a parking brake named hand actuated to keep it steady and unmovable on sloppy roads. Polaris Youth comes with a wheelbase size of 65inch (165.1 cm) and its front and rear tire size is 19 x 7-8 Duro and 20 x 10-9 duro respectively. It has stamped wheel, which allows it to be firm on muddy and dusty roads. Its overall dimensions also play an important role by allowing the rider to be more effectively handle this vehicle on bumpy terrains. Its 215.9 length, 121.9 width and 139.7 cm height is responsible for its amazing performance and therefore, its handling too is affected and turns it smoother than other off road bikes. The other features include the dry weight of 493 lb, ground clearance of 15.2 cm, which is very good and helpful on the roads full of obstacles. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 9.5 liter to fill in a decent amount of fuel in it. The cooling in the bike is done with a fan and dual front running lights; single rear brake light and taillight can be used for illumination at night. On the whole, consideration can be given to Polaris Youth for its state of art design, exemplary performance and a robust design to beat every critical situation. However, dip in fuel-efficiency might turn the buyers away from it.