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Revolt Motor bikes has entered the Indian motorbikes market with the Revolt RV 400 to begin with, which will be lined up by 2 more revolt electric bikes. The revolt electric bikes will be brought to India via the CKD route but will get a high degree of localisation from the onset. Revolt has launched two motorcycles in India: RV400 and RV300. The bikes were launched with a unique subscription-based plan, which made owning these 2 bikes a pocket friendly. It will start operations in Delhi-NCR and Pune first followed by few other cities.

Revolt Bike Price

Revolt bike RV300 price starts at Rs. 1.11 Lakhs and the top model Revolt RV400 goes up to Rs. 1.29 Lakhs. Revolt offers 2 new electric bike models in India. Revolt RV400 priced at Rs. 1.29 Lakhs* and Revolt RV300 priced at Rs. 1.11 Lakhs* and are among the popular bikes from Revolt. In the coming years 2020/2021, Revolt motors is going to launch 1 new models in India i.e Revolt RV Café Racer Bike. You may select a Revolt bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Revolt Motors Bikes Price List in India

Upcoming Revolt Motors Bikes

Who is Revolt Motor Bikes?

Revolt Motor bikes has business pedigree – it is the brainchild of Rahul Sharma, who co-founded the phone brand Micromax. In a market where electric motorcycles are either accessible or slow, or fast and require you to break the bank to save money after, it tries to bridge the gap between ‘want’ and ‘need’. Revolt approaches a number of things differently, other than the obvious fact that it is an electric motorcycle manufacturer.

Revolt Bikes FAQs

Which Revolt bike is better to buy?

Revolt offers two models, the Revolt RV 300 and Revolt RV 400. They have a price tag, sure – the Revolt RV 300 price is Rs 1.11 Lakhs and the Revolt RV 400 is priced at Rs 1.29 Lakhs, but you don’t have to pay the price up front. Revolt will sell you their products on a hire purchase model, for the monthly sum of either Rs 2999 for the RV 300 or Rs 3499 or Rs 3999 for the RV 400. Revolt calls this the ‘MRP’, short for ‘My Revolt Plan’.

Are there any hidden costs in the Revolt MRP?

This payment has no extras, it is inclusive of insurance, and there is no down payment and maintenance cost. There are no restrictions – if the customer fails to make an EMI, the bike simply stops working because it is an AI-enabled product. Once the EMI is paid, or the recharge is done, as Revolt likes to put it, the bike starts up immediately. Failure to make three payments in a row will lead to the company repossessing the bike.

What are some of the features of Revolt bikes?

Among the many features the Revolt bikes offer are a choice of engine/exhaust noises – or you can choose to have no noise at all. If you happen to run out of juice, Revolt offers roadside assistance and a battery swap, so you can be on your way immediately. The Revolt bikes offer a choice of two footpeg positions, ‘Cruise’ and ‘Sport’. The warranty offered is of 5 years/ 75,000 km.

Service intervals are pegged at 10,000 km, although the mobile phone app will send you an alert if something needs attention before then. The app also offers a number of other features, like locating the motorcycle or the option of geofencing. Revolt is also offering to pay for consumables for the first three years, including one tyre replacement under the premium subscription plan.

Of course, this is in addition to the features one would expect from any premium motorcycle at the price, like disc brakes at both ends, LED lighting all around, sharp styling, and in an unexpected bonus, inverted front forks as well.

What colours are Revolt bikes available in?

The RV 300 is available in either grey or black, and the RV 400 is available in a lovely scarlet, or black.

How far can a Revolt motorcycle go on a single charge?

The Revolt RV 300 and RV 400 offer a range of 150 km on a full charge, but this is with the low power mode enabled, which extends range. Revolt says that a new mode that offers far more excitement at the cost of range is on the cards and will arrive via an update at some point in the future.

Where can I find a Revolt Motor dealer?

Revolt dealers can be found in either Delhi or Pune at this point of time. There are a total of six dealers, four in Delhi and two in Pune.

With its innovative subscription schemes, feature-laden products and the extra goodies like replacement of consumables thrown in, Revolt Motor seems poised to, well, electrify the electric motorcycle space in India.

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