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Royal Enfield was called to a brand that covers various products made by Enfield Cycle Co.This company was engaged in manufacturing stationary engines, lawnmowers, motorcycles and bicycles. In the logo of this company reflects inheritance of the weapon production. In 1890, the Royal Enfield brand was licensed by the British Crown. In 1968, this company was taken over by Norton Villiers Triumph. At the Redditch unit of the company, bicycles of Royal Enfield were produced till 1967. The last bicycle of this company was named was ‘Revelation’ which came in the market in 1965. In year 1970, the motorcycles production was ceased by the company and in 1971, Royal Enfield was closed.

Arrival Of Royal Enfield In India

In 1949, the sale of Royal Enfield motorcycles was started in India and in year 1956, Enfield India had stepped into the assembling process of Bullet motorcycles. At this time, the company acquired a license from the components of UK. In 1962, it started manufacturing complete motorcycles. In 1995, Enfield India obtained a legal right to use Royal Enfield title in India.The production unit of Royal Enfield is in Chennai and this is known as the oldest and the most prestigious motorcycle brand across the world. At the initial state in India, Royal Enfield motorcycle was considered by govt. of India to produce motorcycles for army and police. So, Indian Govt. made an order for 800 Bullets of 350 cc.

Royal Enfield India Extends Worldwide

The company mainly sells and manufactures its products in India. But with time, it started exporting its products across the world. Countries like Europe, America, Australia and South Africa became other leading markets for Royal Enfield. Currently, the company has gone through a big retooling process in the department of engines from cast iron carbureted engines to spark twin construction unit for all models. This new retooling has encouraged the company to commence more production at these plants. Within few years, Royal Enfield has introduced several attractive models in the market like Continental GT 535, Bullet 350 UCE, Classic 350 & 500, Bullet Electra TwinSpark, Bullet 500 ES, Bullet 65, Thunderbird 500cc etc.

Royal Enfield Motorcycles Available In USA

Since 1995, Royal Enfield is importing its products to US market. The most selling Royal Enfield models include Bullet Electra Classic, Bullet Electra X and Classic 500 cc models. For some time, Royal Enfield 350 cc motorcycles are being sold in USA. However, USA motorcycle industry loves 500 cc bikes mostly.