By: Wasim on 2015-09-14

Will the Bullet 350 with gear on right side available soon?

1 Answers

We haven’t heard any such news; we would be pleased to update it on our website if we hear from some reliable source. Royal Enfield’s bikes with gear on right side were available between 1997-2007, the Bullet Machismo 350 has gears on right side.
However, the 'left-shift' gear change provoked a backlash from Indian Bullet customers, forcing the company to not only continue the Bullet Standard with the traditional system, but even on the Electra it was offered only as an option. Sales figures indicated that Indian Bullet customers had shunned the new gearbox then company decided to discontinue the bikes having gears at the right side.

Hunny   2015-10-28 15:03:58

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