By: senthil on 2016-06-13

My Royal Enfield Bullet’s mileage has reduced, how can I tune carburetor for mileage?
my bike is millage is drop. next my bike is open how to operate corbater.please tell details

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"There can be many possible reason of low mileage other than incorrect tuning of carburetor like, air filter might be clogged, chock lever might not be freely working, wheels not rotating freely etc. Remember that the primary source of information on carburetor tuning for your bike is the owner's manual, the basic functionality of the carburetor is to mix fuel with air in proper ratio and then feed it in the engine, there are three main screws in Royal Enfield bullet: carburetor mixture adjustment screw, idle adjustment screw and auxiliary air screw. By adjusting the mixture adjustment screw carburetor can be tuned for mileage, rotating this screw clockwise makes air-fuel mixture leaner and rotating it anti-clockwise makes air-fuel mixture rich, it is advised to work with soft hands, don’t over tight any screw otherwise you may damage the threads. We advise you to take your bike to your local Royal Enfield service center as they would do this task with more safety and precision."
   2016-06-27 15:26:31

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