By: sandeep kumar pradhan on 2014-07-28

I am facing gear changing problem since date of purchase.What to do?
i have a classic's gear problem from the date of purchase.kindlyplease solve my problem.

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Hey Sandeep Kumar Pradhan !!

The gear problems needs detailed analysis with personal inspection. It can be due to faulty gear change lever and its connections. If so, it can be adjusted easily with replacement of necessary parts such as gear shifter mechanism and others. If the problem is due to faulty gear such as broken teeth of gear then the gear needs to be replaced in case its not available as a single spare then whole gear set needs to be replaced. Sometimes a bent gear lever could also be the cause. In such case it can be easily rectified. Also recommended to visit nearest service centre soon.

Thank You

Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-06-12 11:46:45

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